Practical Philosophy Part 3: Love

after completing Philosophy 2 the previous term


Exploring the very essence of love and how we relate it to the world around us. Learn what great minds had to say about love, what love is, how it is gained and how it is lost.

Practical Philosophy Part 3 will be available on Tuesday evenings at 7pm this term.

Classes will be offered remotely via Zoom, until the building reopens.

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Dates: 21 September - 6 December
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ
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1. Three concepts of love

The important subject of love

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2. Pure love

We consider pure love expressed through the creation

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3. Constancy in love

We consider the expansion and strengthening of pure love, with some help from Shakespeare

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4. Object of love

What does it mean to direct love to the true essence?

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5. Causes of conflict

Should we limit love to a small circle?

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6. Gratitude

The nature of gratitude, and how feeling it affects us

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7. Love poetry

Exploring Sufi mysticism and what it has to say about love

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8. Epictetus

Epictetus and his influence on modern day CBT

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9. Law and love

Considering the commandment to love one another

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10. Love and knowledge

How are love and knowledge related?

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