Giorgio is a practical philosopher first from London, then Malta and now lives in northern Italy.  His first love of the poet Dante led him to Ibn ‘Arabi.  He learnt Arabic to be able to read Ibn ‘Arabi in the original language.  Read his story of a winding journey from childhood academic failure to intellectual and spiritual inspiration.  In between, he was head of religious studies in a Jesuit school for 30 years.

“Ibn ‘Arabi draws me because he speaks both to my mind and heart. Because of his wholehearted devotion to God, his Sufi masters, and his disciples; because he speaks the Truth as he ‘tasted’ it, and because of his indefatigable effort in letting it be known far and wide through his many writings and travels throughout the vast Moslem empire. And because, as with all wise men, he awakens the Truth which abides within me.”

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