Study of Vedic Astrology began at the School some 40 years ago. First a small group studied the Jyotisha Vedanga, a famous ancient Indian calendar. A copy of the original text was obtained from the British Museum and it was translated from Ancient Sanskrit – not an easy matter! Slowly, our study of Vedic Astrology developed.

The subject is called Jyotisha in Sanskrit, which means the study of light. In Vedic times it was the main science, containing all of mathematics with astronomy as a part of it. These were not thought of as separate sciences then.

Our department made contact with various teachers and Vedic Astrology conferences in the 90s, which had recently started in the USA. We also helped form the first committee of the British Association for Vedic Astrology, which has now been running for 23 years. We are pleased to host its annual conference at the School. When I started in 1993 there were just a handful of websites in existence. Now there are many thousands and it has become a popular subject worldwide.



Vedic Astrology is very different from modern astrology. Accurate in terms of use of astronomy and mathematics, the ancient science has a wealth of techniques, and understanding in interpreting an astrology chart in depth.

In ancient India a very intelligent calendar was in use; many Vedic astrologers believe it is better than the one we use nowadays! Often when there is a reference in an old text to some astronomical or astrological matter, it is possible to establish precisely which date and time is being referenced.

The great benefit of this science is as a diagnostic tool. With knowledge merely of time and location, all kinds of problems can be examined.  Astrological understanding can indicate appropriate remedies. This includes personal problems, which is the most popular use of astrology today.

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